Bioinformatics Tools

CogNet2020CogNet: Classification of Gene Expression Data based on ranked Active-Subnetwork-Oriented KEGG Pathway Enrichment Analysis
RCE based SVM in Knime2020Recursive Cluster Elimination based SVM implemented in Knime
GrpClassifierEC2020Algorithms for Molecular BiologyGrpClassifierEC: A Novel Classification Approach Based on the Ensemble Clustering Space
maTE2019Bioinformatics (revised)maTE: Discovering Expressed MicroRNA – Target Interactions
kmerMotifPredMiRna2017BMC-BioinformaticsMicroRNA categorization using sequence motifs and k-mers
OneClassmiRNA2008Algorithms for Molecular BiologyLearning from positive examples when the negative class is undetermined- microRNA gene identification
NBmiRTar2007BioinformaticsNaïve Bayes for microRNA target predictions–machine learning for microRNA targets.
SVM-RCE2007BMC-BioinformaticsRecursive Cluster Elimination (RCE) for classification and feature selection from gene expression data
BayesMiRNAfind 2006BioinformaticsCombining multi-species genomic data for microRNA identification using a Naïve Bayes classifier